Les Moulins


of the Avant-Monts

The mills of Faugères

On the site of Mont Marcou, at an altitude of 417m, visitors are surprised by a breathtaking panorama: a 360° orientation table carved into the stone shows the shoreline and the sea to the south, followed by the mountains of Lozère and Aveyron. The Moulins de Faugères (grain mills), in the hamlet of Les Trois Tours, date back to the 15th century and were restored in the 1990s on the initiative of Madame Jeanne Colignon. The authentic mechanism was restored by Bernard Garibal de Lautrec.

The mill, which is still in working order, uses the original millstones from the time of the Rivière brothers (millers on the site between 1829 and 1849). The other two towers were also grain mills. One tower is now used as a reception area for the Tourist Office in summer, and was once the miller's house.

Les Moulins

The mills of Lentheric

Located in the hamlet of Lentheric in the village of Cabrerolles, here are two remarkable and inseparable mills on the banks of the Montgros stream. The windmill, which seems to have been installed on the dyke of the water mill's pansiére, is a very rare mill as it is at the bottom of a valley and only works thanks to a current of air that passes between the valleys. The second, probably dating from the 16th century, is a water mill situated below the windmill. It is made of shale stone and its millstones and water inlet can be seen. This mill was fed by a reservoir.

These mills are the subject of a restoration campaign that began in September 2021. This is a 3-phase operation. The restoration of this site is of great importance, as in addition to its educational value, it is also a tourist and ecological treasure trove. The mills are an environmentally-friendly activity. The work carried out for this development was carried out within a sustainable development framework by stonemasons, ironmongers, carpenters, masons and dry-stone builders.

Les Moulins

Julien's mill

On leaving Neffiès in the direction of Fontès, an old stone building covered in Roman tiles catches the eye. Leaning against the Vaillelle stream, it is revealed by the imposing millstone leaning against its main façade. It is known in the village as the Julien (or Julian) mill, located at the mouth of a natural funnel between the hills of Pech Rome and the Causse, where the waters of an entire massif flow down to the plain.
The mill is built below a rocky overhang that forms a natural waterfall below the ancient stone bridge spanning the stream.

The date 1696 engraved on the keystone of the entrance arch to Julien's mill only indicates that it was rebuilt, as the building already appears on the compoix of Neffiès drawn up around 1650.

The Neffiès mill has recently been restored and is one of 7 hill mills. Some of them are not accessible/visible.

Les Moulins
Les Moulins
Les Moulins
Les Moulins

Free admission all year round

In season: 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm

From 15 May to 30 September

Coffee, drinks and ice creams during the summer season. Drinks and picnics available in shaded areas.

Guided tours of the Mill
Guided tours in English available

Tourist Information Office

33 (0)6 45 73 49 82/ moulinsdefaugeres@avant-monts.fr

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